Demon Sword
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Demon Sword


The Demon Sword first appeared in the emmy nominated episode "Dad's Dungeon" and was found in the last chamber of the dungeon.  Finn wanted to get it out but it was wrapped in chains.  The key was on a monster, but Finn just didn't kill the monster and get the key but instead he ripped the sword out of the chains and used it to defeat the Evil Monster.  Then Finn used it as his Official sword and weapon...for now.  The Demon Sword last appeared in episode twelve of season 5, "Vault of Bones".  The demon blood seems to have come from the Blood Demon, a very scary demon that is mostly black with outlines of a dark red.  But, the wiki founder, me, does not know yet if the blood comes from the Blood Demon or not.  At the end of the episode, "Dad's Dungeon", the Blood Demon appeared to Finn and Jake and said, "Give me back my blood."  So it remains unknown to the founder here.


  • The Demon Sword is used by Finn
  • The Demon Sword's bottom nob was later colored white
  • The Demon Sword has a cross connecting the blade to the hilt