Dungeon Quest!

Chapter 1Edit

One day in The Land of Ooo, Finn and Jake were wandering through the forest.  "I'm tired out.  Will never find a dungeon," said Jake.  "It takes time," said Finn.  Jake leaned up against a tree.  He fell inside of it!  Finn turned around.  "Jake!?  Where are you dude!?" Finn said, scared.  Jake came out of the tree.  "I'm right here, bro," he said, "and I think I found ourselves a dungeon."  "Awesome!" exclaimed Finn.  Jake went back inside the tree.  Finn followed.  Inside Jake pulled a lever and the floor of the tree opened up.  They fell underground and Finn found bones and torches everywhere!  "Great job, Jake," he said happily.  They walked through the dungeon.  Finn drew his Demon Sword from his backpack just in case they would happen to run into any monsters.  Finn and Jake just happened to run into a monster.  "Marceline!?" Finn said with surprise.

Chapter 2Edit