Season 1Edit

From season one comes 26 awesome episodes that I think are all emmy nominated.  Here's the list of episodes:  Slumber Party Panic, Trouble in Lumpy Space, Prisoners of Love, Tree Trunks, The Enchiridion!, The Jiggler, Ricardio the Heart Guy, Business Time, My Two Favorite People, Memories of Boom Boom Mountain, Wizard, Evicted!, City of Thieves, The Witch's Garden, What is Life?, Ocean of Fear, When Wedding Bells Thaw, Dungeon, The Duke, Freak City, Donny, Henchman, Rainy Day Daydream, What Have You Done?, His Hero, and Gut Grinder.

Season 2Edit

Belly of the Beast, Blood Under the Skin, Crystals Have Power, Death in Bloom, Go With Me, Guardians of Sunshine, Heat Signature, Her Parents, It Came From the Nightosphere, Loyalty to the King, Mortal Folly, Mortal Recoil, Mystery Train, Power Animal, Slow Love, Storytelling, Susan Strong, The Chamber of Frozen Blades, The Eyes, The Limit, The Other Tarts, The Pods, The Real You, The Silent King, To Cut a Woman's Hair, and Videomakers.

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