Demon Sword
Some attributes
First He wields a series of awesome swords that he gets around Ooo
Second He has a super powered dog named Jake, also his brother
Third Finn was 12 in season 1, 13 in 2 and 3, and is presently 14
Other attributes

Full title: "Finn the Human".


Finn is a human boy and you might mistaken him for some kind of bunny person but that is just Finn's hat.  Finn is the adventuresome hero and in season one he was 12.  In the episode "Mystery Train" he became 13 for the first time in the series.  He is now presently 14 which is an awesome age to be.  Finn was adopted by dogs and his closest brother and friend is Jake.  Jake's full title: "Jake the Dog".  Finn has some more dog brothers but I think he doesn't have any sisters in his family.  You'd think that Finn's family is the wierdest in The Land of Ooo, but...YOU'RE WRONG.  Finn has a bunch of rad swords like his first one, Scarlet, his beat up weapon.  Scarlet is the sword Finn uses in "Adventure Time: Hey Ice King!  Why'd You Steal Our Garbage!?" video game.  I think Scarlet was replaced by the Root Sword, Finn's next sword (pretty small though to really be a sword.  It should really be a dagger.)  Finn has been in every episode in every one of the five seasons.  If you want a little bonus bio about Finn, go to  P.S.  Finn slays evil whenever he see's it.  Finn uses the Demon Sword which last appeared in the new episode "Vault of Bones".  Finn rocks!


  • Finn lives in the Land of Ooo
  • Finn probably had like, 7 swords
  • Finn has a brother and friend, "Jake the Dog"