Some attributes
First A legendary book that only true heroes can possess
Second It has had many users
Third Unknown
Other attributes



The Enchiridion is the book full of righteous hero junk that Finn and Jake got from the manly minatar on Mount Cragdor in the episode "The Enchiridion!".  Finn needed to go through tests to see how righteous of a hero he is.  Later on in the episode "The Lich", Finn saw Billy with the Enchiridion and they needed to get all of the gems from the princesses' crowns to unlock a secret section in the book.  Later on in that episode, the Enchiridion was destroyed.  For me, the founder of the wiki, I do not know yet how it got destroyed.  Actually, now I remember.  It got destroyed when Finn smashed it on his knee. 


  • The Enchiridion got destroyed
  • It has a secret compartment in it
  • It is extremely old as you can see